November 23rd, a chatterbox was born

I’ve always loved words, and I’ve always loved advertising.

As a buzzing young’un I was obsessed with influencing the behaviour of others. Constantly conjuring up concepts that would reach out and clasp the attention of others. I’m an idea person. And my motormouth … yeah, that’s under control now, thankfully.

Marketing has come such a long way, and I want to go all the way with it. Peddling a nonsensical product with cookie cutter promotion is unappetising today, and this is, erm, mouth-watering to me (too much hyperbole? extending the metaphor was irresistible, okay). In today’s age a captivating story, a human-focused service, and a product that is actually effective wins customer’s hearts and bank balances. It’s awesome.

In such a climate, creators like myself feel on top of the world. Kinda like Batman atop Liverpool’s liver building. Obsessive people. People that are enthralled by developments in digital, social media, and tech.

Especially lovers of copywriting, like me. And, well, advertising. Marketing? Meh. I just love it all.

And design, too. I love Photoshop. Well, I am not painting a digital portrait of you from scratch. Yeah, no, erm, not any … not any time soon. But I am advanced with that box of tools and can throw things together that are industry standard, so.

We’re a match. You’re recruiting. You’re looking for someone who can think up ideas, write for different audiences, and collaborate with different people on your team. This describes me (well, it overlooks my obscenely good looks, but, yeah).

Let’s talk: 07947743181 or [email protected]