With Fixter, I was asked to write an email to journalists enticing them to conduct an interview with our CEO. Only had 30 minutes to come up with it. I think it did okay.

Email subject: I just had a 5 minute MOT 🙂

Okay. I’m referring to booking it, but just hear me out. When I bought my first car, it literally took forever for me to organise its MOT test. I was rummaging around the internet, calling random garages that did not have a website! It was so frustrating. Keeping this in mind, you would not believe my envy when my younger brother told me about Fixter. I thought he was ordering a McDonalds with double fries – he was ordering a battery repair with hassle-free fitting! These millennials have it so, so easy. But you can too. 

At Fixter we are revolutionising the car game. You input a post-code and we output garage availability. We’ve made it child’s play. People are starting to notice too; our yearly profit is snowballing. A £2 million run rate transformed into a £10m run rate. The secrets of our inevitable success is something you should want to study. There is nobody playing the game like us. 

Our CEO, Limvirak Chea, would like to talk to you about our company. I think you’d better put that takeaway app down and download the Fixter app. It’s far more satisfying.  

Please let us know by replying to this e-mail if you’re available. 

Many thanks,

Fixter’s growth team