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With GainMuscles, I believed debunking age-old bodybuilding myths would yield website visitors and thus, personal training sales. The media is just so used to lying to people about what works in fitness, and me being the human rights advocate I am, decided it’d be wise to deviate from the norm and, in a simplistic way, give training babies the breadcrumbs they so desperately desire.

Women are often misinformed the most when learning how to grow curves. So, a light bulb switched on💡 (I’d say I’m known for these moments, if I’m honest – objectively speaking of-course). Why not create an e-book teaching women how to grow curves.

Example 1 (Introduction):

Getting Gorgeous Gains

Building muscle, growing curves

We’ve all seen the girls that seem to have it all. The wide, detailed back with off-shoots of toned, tender arms, that collapse onto obscenely blossomed child-bearing hips – with no child in sight! They own an Instagram full to the brim of videos with their beautiful bodies in a varied collection of complex, almost awkward positions; you would think they are gearing to fight Thanos. Every day they post a ground-breaking new exercise position that will catapult your body into the same breath of the elite. But these are misleading.

The fitness world like us to think men and women are from different planets. We’re not. We’re playing the same game. All these flat-tummy teas and ‘brand spanking new’ experimental diets are not cheat codes for weight loss or a bigger booty. You would find it weird if men suddenly started becoming obsessed with the new and improved flat tummy green tea vers. 2018 wouldn’t you? What builds muscle for men, builds muscle for women, because the rules of bodybuilding are universal, and growing curves is no different. At GainMuscles, we teach you these simple, straightforward rules so you become #Fitspo for life. Although, we will stop if we see you getting war-ready on Instagram in booty shorts with 200 resistance bands tied from limb to limb.

The most fundamental principle of sculpting those gorgeous gains is called progressive overload. To put it simply, the key to building muscle, or in your case, a curvaceous body, is getting stronger over time. Muscles need to continually work harder than they’re used to, to grow. If you squat 80kg today, squat 90kg next time around. You’re communicating to your body that it needs more mass to suit your lifestyle. There are more advanced ways to achieve progressive overload, and GainMuscles uses such advanced weight-lifting techniques to ensure your curves reach their full, untapped potential.

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