Pane is a music artist from London, UK, and I spearheaded his branding and social media promotion. From scratch, Pane accumulated 300 monthly Spotify listeners, thousands of Youtube views, and an engaged Facebook page. 0-13,000 views with a small budget. Not bad if I say so myself. And, oh yeah, I got our CPC as low as £0.06. So, yeah. We did alright.

Album artwork

The artist’s branding was consistent: a dark, mysterious, emotive atmosphere, apparent right from the artist’s name (Pane, a play on ‘pain’), all the way through to his artwork. The below album cover has a dark, moody background full of love-hearts and money with the central focus a man begging for his partner’s forgiveness. Simplistic, and quite minimalistic, I felt it communicated the core components of the artist’s musical signature, and ultimately, his appeal.


With Pane, I understood our target audience to be those between the age of 14-21 that enjoyed emotive music, likely because they had experienced, or were currently experiencing, heartbreak. As a result, they would relate to my client’s music and thus, would likely be engaged by adverts that highlighted the topical focus on trauma. I made very simplistic ads that were either simply a black background with very large, striking emotive text, or what worked even better, was a page of lyrics that again, focused on emotional pain.

Traffic-based Advertisement 1/2: (0.08p / 0.15p CPC)

My advertising strategy focused on attracting our audience through the emotive messaging of Pane’s brand. Through market research, we knew our target audience would find it hard to ignore language that appealed to their most intimate feelings. Thus, by placing emotive language in the face of our audience, we were certain they would feel compelled to open the video, and if they liked the short snippet, would most certainly click on the Youtube video to hear more. Their last destination would be our Spotify account, leading to repeat listens and multiple revenue streams for us, although, at this point our ROI was not our primary concern, it was brand awareness.

Additional Artwork