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Slot Review of Slingo Fortunes

Ah, envelopes. You just never know what’s inside. When you play bingo online, why not let the Chinese sign, seal, and deliver your fate! Oh, and there also some features that will have you shaking in anticipation, like will you play till the end or take an early offer? The power is yours!

With a possible life-changing £100,000 prize, Slingo Originals bring you a fast, fun, and fanciful bingo game that you will struggle to leave alone. Combining the addictiveness of traditional Slingo with an innovative gameplay model, it is hard to find a better online bingo game. We think you’d love to play Slingo Fortunes today.

About Slingo Originals – the pioneers behind Slingo Fortunes

Slingo Originals pride themselves on innovation and creativity, and they value how well they place player interaction at the core of all that they do. As developers of online bingo games, they are difficult to match because they’ve enabled decision-making and skill to make pivotal changes in gameplay, meaning more than just luck is paramount to winning.

Slingo Originals have developed several popular online bingo games, such as Slingo Lightning for instance. This one’s electrifying! Lovers of fast-paced online slot games will enjoy this as only 50 balls are in play.

Slingo Fortunes Gameplay and Symbols

When playing this type of bingo online you want to get a line of five numbers: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Once players hit 4 Slingos they will be presented with the option to take a cash prize, or they can reject this to continue the search for a potentially greater cash prize. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Similar to Deal or No Deal, in Slingo Fortunes you will first select your personal, lucky envelope. Afterwards you will set your bet by selecting ‘stake’, then select spin to set the reel in motion. Players initially receive 10 spins to play with, with the option to buy more at the end of each round.

With each spin, 5 numbers will appear on the reel with one corresponding to each column on the grid. You want one of them to match an envelope above it, as this will award you a cash prize! You will climb the Prize Boost Ladder with the more Slingos you get, but check this out. Land 5 Slingos and the cash multiplier will increase by x1 till x20! Slingo Fortunes is a fun way to play bingo online!

When playing this bingo game online, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with some of the characters. When the Joker with a red hat pops up on the reels, you’ll be able to open any envelope in the column. The Super Joker is even better. He looks like the Joker, but instead has a green outfit, and actually lets you open any envelope in the entire grid!

Bonus Features and Free Spins in Slingo Fortunes

As mentioned, with 12 Slingos yours for the taking, each one you get will move you up the Prize Boost Ladder. This will multiply the value of the remaining prizes. 5 will complete the ladder, but when you get 4, you will be presented with the Slingo Fortunes offer where you can do one of the following:

  • Accept a cash prize.
  • Decline, and take the cash prize from the envelope you selected at the start.
  • Decline, and continue to spin.

Our Take on this Online Slot

We love Slingo Fortunes and think it’s an excellent take on Deal or No Deal Slingo. Picking an envelope at the start, the Fortunes Offer, and opting to deal or no deal are all features that really immerse you in the online bingo experience.

If you were a lover of Deal or No Deal slingo, then you may feel cheated, as it is quite similar, simply adding a Far East influence. However, we think this influence revamps the game, bringing a world-class online bingo game to a wider audience.

If you haven’t spent an extensive amount of time on Deal or No Deal Slingo, the sleek graphic design, engaging interface, and enthralling gameplay model will make this Slingo Fortunes your favourite online bingo game. We at Barbados Bingo think this is a smashing hit.

Verdict: We give this an 8/10